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Lead Testing & Remediation

Lead Testing 

One of the most common places to discover lead in a home or building is in either the interior or exterior paint. The age your home or building was constructed can really help you narrow down where you're most likely to come into contact with this hazardous material. 

Depending on when the paint was produced, the amount of lead present will vary. Some lead based paints that were used in Canada are extremely high in lead content. In Canada, some of the paint that was produced in the 1940's actually contained up to 50% lead by dry weight. 

As a general rule, if your home or building was constructed prior to 1960 then there's a very good chance it was coated with a lead based paint. Since the 1950's the addition of lead was much more common in exterior paints than interior paint. If your home was built after 1980 then there is relatively little concern about lead based paint having been used. 

The only way to know for sure whether layers of paint in your home or building contain lead is to have a sample taken and tested in a laboratory. Testing for lead in this manner will allow you to know for sure if this hazardous material is present, as well as in what concentration. 

It's incredibly important to identify lead based paint prior to beginning any renovations or restoration work, as traditional methods of dealing with flaking or uneven paint can lead to serious health issues when it comes to lead based paint. Proper remediation practices and safety protocols need to be put in place to safely remove any lead painted materials.

Common Places to Find Lead

  • Lead paint

  • Dust

  • Plumbing 

  • Soil

  • Children's toys


Lead Remediation 

Once you receive your hazardous materials testing report, you'll have a clear understanding of where lead hazardous exist within your home. This is important information and will allow you to keep yourself and your family safe from the health effects of lead poisoning.


Exposure to lead is particularly dangerous for babies, children, pregnant women, and pets and can have serious long term effects on their health and cognitive development. 

In order to safely remove any lead based paint or other lead contaminants in your home or building we need to set up the appropriate containment for your specific situation, employ specific techniques and measures for safely removing the lead, and ensure it's safe disposal. Our team is fully trained in the safe removal, handling, and disposal protocols for lead. 

When you hire Balco Environmental to take care of lead remediation you can rest assured all protocols and safety measures are being followed. When our team is finished you will have a clean slate from which to continue your renovation or restoration project from without the worry of being exposed to lead. 


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